The Kegmobile

How much does the trash can cost?

We’ve found the Rubbermaid Brute on sale for $43. Prices seem to vary pretty widely depending on the distributor, and whether they’re having sales or not. You could probably fit everything in a medium-duty can that you can find for under $20, but it wouldn’t be very durable. Which just means you’ll get yourself stranded […]

How long does it take to assemble?

We pre-assemble most of what goes inside the can. Total assembly from the time you open the package should be under an hour.

How long does the CO2 last?

With no leaks, a 5-pound CO2 tank should be good for 10-15 full-size kegs. (Technically a half barrel.)

How much does the CO2 tank cost?

The tank in the pictures is a 5-pound tank. You can usually get them for about $60. That’s a one-time cost, since the large tanks can be refilled. Smaller tanks generally don’t get refilled, and the price varies depending on your local supplier.