The Kegmobile

Kegmobile Hits the Beach

Tom wrote to thank us for the inspiration: Just wanted to say thanks for the inspiration. I already had a keggerator at my house but wanted to bring the keg to the beach for the full moon party. I disassembled my keggerator and reassembled it in the trashcan. I decided to keep the ‘tower’ rather […]

Brian and Joe Meet Kegmobile

Kegmobile On TV!!!!!

For anyone in the Cleveland area, tune in to Fox8 this Friday, September 18th, to see the Kegmobile in action! That’s Life! with Robin Swoboda is doing their tailgating special, and we’re going to be there to show off the original Kegmobile.

Don't Drink And Ride

Built for Portland’s Biketobeerfest — and can I just point out that’s the most awesome name ever? — this beast carries two full kegs, 25 pounds of ice, a pizza rack and a sound system.

Specialty tap handles now available

When you’re ready to start personalizing your Kegmobile, you might want to start with a new tap handle.

Got some links for you

I started out looking for reviews of the Kegmobile, and found a bunch of other great stuff you should check out. I put all the links together on the Seen On The Web page.

Hello world

Okay, so the site is now live and ready to take orders. Let’s see if anyone is interested.