The Kegmobile

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People who noticed us

The Kegmobile at My Five Best.

And at Beer Snobs. And check out the comment with the photo links. Awesome.

Once more at Slanderific. I love the first comment: “How did you find your anniversary present?? It was supposed to be a surprise…”

Over at the Marketing Beercast: “Holy crap, check this out … outdoor marvel … Pure genius …” Yeah, well, gotta agree with that one.

People who we noticed

This isn’t our Kegmobile, and I doubt it still pumps beer, but I want this.

This one definitely doesn’t pump beer, but I want this one, too.

And here’s one that makes me wonder how many kegs they killed before deciding a keg should give an interview. I have to include it though, because Woodie has a disco ball. (Now I’m jealous.)

Come on people, the keg isn’t just a handy structural element, put some beer in it.

Here’s someone going old-school with the wooden kegs. There’s another picture with a close-up of the brakes in the original article.