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Tap Handles

Sure, you don’t need a custom tap handle. And I suppose you don’t really need the “Hemi” logo on a Charger. The point is, nothing on this site is about what someone “needs”. You want it. Isn’t that enough?


Bulldog Marines Semper Fi Beer Tap Handle

Just like the Marines, this bulldog is tough. This guy is “always faithful” to your beer and will be there each time you want to pour yourself a cold one. Great for the Marine in your family. Semper Fi!



Football Beer Tap Handle

Gearing up for another big season? Can’t wait to spend your weekends watching football? Neither can we! Whether you’re a Bills, Bears, Buckeyes or Browns fan, you can enjoy draft beer in style with this football tap handle. Brand new!



Beach Babe Beer Tap Handle

Wow! That’s all we have to say about this California Beach Babe. Made out of wood and plaster this tap handle measures 12” tall. Brand new!



Pub Style Beer Tap Handle with Oval Shield

These eye-catching pub style tap handles look great and they exist to bring you beer. Who doesn’t like an attractive beer dispenser?

The contoured design, gleaming gold finial at the top and shiny gold ferrule at the bottom give this handsome handle the perfect shape, that’s easy to grab. Made of solid wood, these tap pulls are customizable! The front boasts a hard plastic oval badge that will proudly and prominently display the stickers or labels of your favorite brands, or your own custom creations (not included)!



Pub Style Beer Tap Handle

Dress up your draft system with one of these stylish solid wood pub tap handles. The shiny gold finial at the top, along with the gold ferrule at the bottom give this handle an authentic pub feel. It’s easy to screw this handle onto your faucet and the sleek contour makes it easy to grab. Made to fit any standard size beer faucet, this traditional bar tap handle comes in a variety of vibrant colors to match your bar’s decor and reflect your good taste.